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Remit of competence

Mental Game Coaching and the remit of competence

My role as a mental game coach is to help the athlete or performer develop the right mindset and psychological skills to make a massive difference in their physical performance, and that is what is going to happen as we move forward together collaboratively.


Psychological Coaching
Psychological Coaching

I need to be clear, so please read the following information carefully:

  • In my role as a Mental Game Coach and multi-qualified hypnotherapist, I am not a generic sports coach.
  • I do not train performers physically in relation to their physical sporting technique.
  • I do not tell them what training schedule to implement for their event or goal.
  • Nor do I input on their physical skill acquisition.

Other professional sports coaches are far better sources of training schedules, sports science and physiology, optimum nutrition and biomechanics and tactical applications of technical skills.


I show my clients how to use the mind to enhance their sporting performance, be it with improved physical stamina, arousal control, target accuracy, self confidence or any other of a multitude of performance aspects that can be effected by our minds.

In short our minds directly effect our physiology and physical capability and thus our performance.


Mental Game Coaching
Mental Game Coaching
  • I work with sports performers wishing to enhance, gain and sustain a new level of ability from their current one.
  • I also work with performers that are currently experiencing dips in their performance, I help them to regain their edge and then sharpen it.
  • Because these mental skills are highly transferable I work in a wide range of sports and physical performance arenas
  • I also have a specialist area of work in the adventure sports field, requiring greater considerations for objective safety and performance consequences.